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Grouping invoices

Acceptable Files

In order to use this feature without any restrictions, you are encouraged to use only PDF files when trying to edit or group invoices.

Note: Only multi-paged invoices will be affected by this feature.

Feature Defaults

When creating new accounts (master or invited), this feature will always be enabled.

Note: As the Invoice List view is shared between master and invited users, the invoices affected by this feature will transition into Invoice Grouping state with respect to the settings enabled on the tenant account to which the invoice is uploaded.

Note: This feature is always enabled (regardless of the user option within System settings) for files uploaded from MFP.

Note: For all other upload sources, the feature will respect the user option enlisted within System settings section of the menu.

Feature Outline

Please refer to the below scheme when using this feature.

Note: Please remember that the vendors enlisted within the affected invoices must be enlisted and synchronized from the accounting system with which you chose to integrate.

Note: Please remember that the invoice number must be enlisted on each page of the uploaded invoices.