Ricoh AP for Small Business Help.

Processing invoices

After uploading all the required invoices, click the Process Files button.

In order to avoid to manually click the Process button when you have invoices to process, you can set the invoices to be processed as soon as they are uploaded.

  • In the Ricoh AP for Small Business access the System Settings page from the drop-down list under your login name.
  • The System Settings include Post when verified, Process when uploaded and Tutorial mode.
  • You can automate the Process files step by authorizing all invoices to be automatically processed after being uploaded. Select the Process when uploaded checkbox to bypass manually authorizing the processing.

The processing invoices are displayed on the Ricoh AP for Small Business page with a Processing state at the right end of the invoice.

While an invoice is processing, you can:

  • Click the Preview button in order to view the invoice that is being processed.
  • Click the Delete button to delete the invoice before the processing is done.