Ricoh AP for Small Business Help.

Sage Intacct Integration

Sage Intacct integration enables you to import Sage Intacct vendors and chart of accounts into Ricoh AP for Small Business and post your invoices as Vendor Bills into Sage Intacct.

Ricoh AP for Small Business will not be able to process your invoices successfully until it is connected to Sage Intacct.

You can also synchronize at any time by clicking the Synchronize button from the verify invoice step. For instance, if you have added new vendors or Accounts, you can manually synchronize to Ricoh AP for Small Business. Vendor information is used by Ricoh AP for Small Business to improve accuracy and to post invoices

Connecting to Sage Intacct

When connected to Sage Intacct, Ricoh AP for Small Business can view your vendors, chart of accounts, and post bills on your behalf.

Go to Interfaces and Plugins tab of the Account Settings page, click Sage Intacct Integration and enter the Company Name, User and Password. Click the Connect button, if you are not already signed in.

  • Other UI changes when connected to Sage Intacct

    In the Account Settings > Interfaces & Plugins tab, under the Sage Intacct Integration drop-down, you will see additional UI changes:

  • The Disconnect button is included in that tab. Use this to disconnect from Sage Intacct when you have completed your invoice processing or at any time you want to disconnect.
  • Under the Configuration heading you can choose to post your invoice as a PDF file to Intacct by enabling the On button.

When verifying your invoices, you might want to select an account (or associate line items accounts) with Intacct Dimensions.

APS supports only the default Intacct Dimensions:

  • Department
  • Location
  • Project
  • Customer
  • Vendor
  • Employee
  • Item
  • Class

Note: Please keep in mind that APS will not fetch any custom dimensions and will fail to post any invoices containing accounts that bind directly or by association any custom dimensions.

When verifying an invoice, you may add dimensions after selecting an account binding them.

After selecting such an account, you will be shown a dimensions selection pop-up containing the required dimensions of the selected account.

You can also add dimensions for each line item, by selecting different accounts, each account with its own required dimensions.

On mouse over the i (info icon), you can check the set dimensions for each line item.

You may also add or modify the already set dimensions by clicking the Add dimensions button, wither from the general or line item view, that will show a dimensions selection pop-up containing required dimensions of the account that was selected.

Note: Please keep in mind that when you add the same account for each line item you need to add dimensions to each one of them separately.

Note: Please keep in mind that any special validation rules set up in Intacct (such as Smart Rules and Events, Platform Services or Multi-tier users with different permissions), might prevent APS from successfully posting invoices to Intacct.