Ricoh AP for Small Business Help.

System settings

You can configure your account by defining or changing the system settings. System settings are generally defined once. The web app behavior is determined by your profile setup, rules to improve the recognition accuracy during invoice analysis, and the plugins added or removed.

Access the System Settings page from the drop-down list under your login name.

Click on your login name or the down arrow beside it to view the list items. Select System Settings to display the System Settings page.

The System Settings include Post when verified, Process when uploaded and Tutorial mode.

You can automate the Post Invoices step by authorizing all verified invoices to be automatically posted. Select the Post when verified checkbox to bypass manually authorizing the post.

You can automate the Process files step by authorizing all invoices to be automatically processed after being uploaded. Select the Process when uploaded checkbox to bypass manually authorizing the processing.

You can automate the Invoice Grouping feature by authorizing all invoices to be automatically grouped after being uploaded. This option will not affect invoices being uploaded from MFP – as this route is defaulted to ON.

A Tutorial mode is available and can be toggled On or Off.

  • Turn the Tutorial mode On when you require assistance using a page or are still getting familiar with the app.
  • You can exit the tutorial at any time by clicking the Exit button.
  • Once familiar with using the app and the page elements, turn the Tutorial mode Off.