Ricoh AP for Small Business Help.

Upload via email

Upload via email

This feature provides the possibility for users to send an email to a specific email address (generated by Ricoh AP for Small Business) with invoices as attachments that will be automatically uploaded and processed by Ricoh AP for Small Business.

Generate new email

In Interfaces & Plugins, users can copy or generate a new email address to which they can send invoices that will be automatically visible and processed by Ricoh AP for Small Business. Generating a new email address, replaces the current email.

The email address can be copied also from Invoice List menu, by clicking UPLOAD VIA EMAIL button.

Note: If you chose to use this feature alongside other mechanisms and/or applications, please keep in mind that each platform might send the invoice/s within a different format, thus impacting them when (and if) they are received and enlisted in APS within the Invoice List.

Sending email

We recommend that users send the invoices from and to a single Ricoh AP for Small Business generated email and wait for the invoices attached to that email to be processed by Ricoh AP for Small Business. Otherwise if an email is sent to two or more APS generated emails (n. b. either valid or not), the invoices will be shown in Invoice List section, as many times as the number of email addresses in the sender list.

Emails can be sent from any email accounts; however, the following clients are recommended:

  • Webmail Clients:, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hushmail and ZahoMail
  • Desktop Email Clients: Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird

The total message size limit, including the message itself and the number of attachments, is 7MB (please check email size before sending). Other mail clients/services have additional limitations and some providers and companies may impose different limits regarding the size and/or type of attachments, or even block them altogether. Accepted formats for the attachment are: PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, HTML. Be aware that invalid messages will be discarded without notice.

If the Ricoh AP for Small Business account is not connected to an accounting system, an alert should be raised.