Ricoh AP for Small Business Help.

Verify invoices

Verifying invoices entails checking and confirming the values on the invoices and entering correct values in the fields where recognition is unsatisfactory or inadequate.

Only invoices that need additional verification before posting are displayed on the Verify page. Once you verify an invoice, the next invoice from the same vendor will process with more accurate results.

For each processed invoice, the fields are populated with the values recognized by the Ricoh AP for Small Business invoice processing engine.

Adding Vendor Names to QuickBooks

After processing uploaded invoices and during verification, you may notice you have vendors on the invoice that are not in QuickBooks. You can add them to your QuickBooks account in the Vendor tab.

  1. In Ricoh AP for Small Business, select Intuit > QuickBooks to access QuickBooks.
  2. In the QuickBooks Vendor tab, add the new vendor name, address, and phone number. Ensure the data you enter matches that on the paper invoice, as Ricoh AP for Small Business uses this information to match invoices to vendors.
  3. Select Intuit > Ricoh AP for Small Business to return to Ricoh AP for Small Business.

Synchronizing Vendor Names in Ricoh AP for Small Business

Synchronize accounting information with Ricoh AP for Small Business every time you add a new vendor to QuickBooks.

In the Verify page, click the sync accounting information button located on the Vendor to pay field. The newly added vendor name(s) from QuickBooks is synchronized with Ricoh AP for Small Business’s vendor name drop-down list. The message, "Synchronizing Accounting Information" is displayed.

Note: The vendor list is in alphabetical order after synchronizing.

Synchronizing Sage Accounting Information

See Sync Utility for information.

Verifying the Fields

On the main page, click the Verify button on the invoice to open it in the Verify page.

In the Verify page, the fields are populated with the recognized values. Check the field values against the invoice content.

If a field does not have the correct value, then click in the field and select the data on the invoice using the mouse. This will help train Ricoh AP for Small Business to recognize the field better the next time.

If the correct value is not getting populated in a field in spite of selecting the data on the invoice, then enter it manually. Each field has a Revert to original detected value button you can use to revert to the original value detected from the invoice.

Note: Ricoh AP for Small Business learns about the correct location of the data when it is selected on the invoice using the mouse. This is the preferred method for making corrections. Select the data's location on the invoice and that location will be used for data recognition in the future.

For QuickBooks Users - The Vendor to pay field has a sync accounting information button you can use to sync the vendor from QuickBooks.

Click the Verify button (at the right end of the blue bar) after you have checked, modified (if necessary), and verified all the fields against the invoice. The message, "Verifying…" is displayed. If there are more invoices, then the next invoice to be verified is displayed.

If you don’t want to process sequentially (in order of uploading) and need to jump ahead to a specific invoice, you can use the blue invoice drop-down at the top and select the invoice to verify. The drop-down has the invoices identified by their vendor name and invoice number.

Note: If you click Verify without all the fields being verified, a message will popup stating you have an invalid value for a field. Verification cannot occur until all invalid values are corrected. Correct the error and click Verify to proceed.

Note: When you click in a field, notice the field name highlighted in green and the field’s value highlighted in light red within the invoice. These are visual indicators to guide you on which fields and values were recognized and where they were identified on the invoice.

Additional tasks that can be done before clicking Verify:

  • Click the Delete button to delete the current/displayed invoice page.
  • Click the Edit Pages button to display the Merge/Split dialog. You can add or remove pages from an invoice. This can be done before verifying the invoice.
  • Click the Invoice list drop-down to jump directly to other invoices.